Monday, March 10, 2008

Its all a question of your point of view

Is the glass is half full, or half empty?

From where I stand now, nothing is clear cut, absolute. Everything under the sun has good parts and less desirable parts. It is all a question of which side of the coin you choose to focus on.

And this is most applicable in the world of humans. We all have ideas, views, opinions, interests, strengths, weaknesses, physical characteristics that are similar to others, and just as long a list, if not longer, that make us different from others.

My sense is that when we are young and ambitious, we spend a lot of time an energy proving to others that we are better qualified, smarter, harder working than the next "guy", but as we age, somehow proving how much better we are feels more and more like a waste of time. Somehow it feels like there are more important dragons to slay.

My dreams, now, are focused on how we can all work from our common strengths to weave together our differences into a tapestry that will make work exciting, productive and fun for all of us. Work does not have to be ruthless and cut-throat. Work can be about providing goods and services for a fair price to people who need or want them. Work could be about enjoying the companionship of our colleagues, family and friends, and behaving in a way that lifts their spirits and lightens their burdens.


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