Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Productive Relationships

The happiest and saddest days of my life were experienced because of a change in my relationship to others.

New relationships can be interesting, exciting, unexpected, make your heart sing, make you feel like skipping. And reconnecting with someone you care about can produce the same feelings.

Loss or change in a relationship you count on makes your heart sink. The thought of losing this type of relationship creates a ball of tension in the pit of your stomach.

Relationships make us both happy and sad and many of us go through life blind to the impact we are having on the emotions, mood and self confidence of those around us.

My exploration is to see how I can make all of my exchanges with others make life a little more joyful and pleasant. And, even when I need to convey bad news, I believe it is possible to deliver the message in a way that lets the person know I still hold her or him in high regard.

If every exchange can be empowering for both people, work will be effortless and collaboration a way of life.


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