Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Building Culture

It is hard to believe Memorial Day has just passed, and last January I had the intention of blogging twice per week. Where does the time go?

What I do know is that the pace of our work and of our ideas is accelerating so I need to get in a routine of sharing our work with the world. Today, I will schedule blogging time in my Palm Pilot. Good intentions are just not enough to inspire sustainable change in the world.

My partner Vicky Sirianni and I just completed an article that will appear in the June edition of Women's Business. Our article is about creating Ground Rules as a foundation for productive and inclusive meetings. Yes, if we are to design and build a new culture, it is best to begin at ground level and, gradually, brick by brick, create an inclusive, empowering cultural structure that will work for everyone!

Together, Vicky and I have over sixty years of experience in the building industry. We consider ourselves experts in the culture of building. By sharing our lessons learned we can empower all of you to begin building a culture that works for you and everyone else on your team. This is our common sense approach to appropriate business behavior and business ethics. It just does not make sense to keep our blinders on any longer.