Monday, September 27, 2004

Team work

Before I add one more word, I need to thank Judy Hourihan for all of her support, help and technical assistance in creating our Center Collaboration Blog. Judy and I have had two "working dinners", and Judy has committed many additional hours "behind the scenes" to make our blog consistent with the Center web site, artfully designed by Mark Guarino.

In addition to Judy and Mark, our work is supported by many others. I will introduce them all over the next several weeks.

It is our shared intention that our Collaboration Blog be a place where people can learn about "leaderful organizations", where everyone is a leader, and process tools that can help us experience a new level-playing-field way of working together.

Our team is continually growing. We have accomplished a lot, and with more hands and minds our progress is sure to accelerate.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Organizational Productivity Challenge

In our opinion, up to eighty percent of the members of many organizational systems have little or no voice in shaping their workplace cultures. Without voice, there is limited emotional commitment. Organizations house bodies with only superficial engagement of the minds and hearts of their members. Process tools can provide structures for everyone to have a voice in shaping a future that will work for all of us. When the body, mind and heart are aligned, productivity can sky-rocket.

On a deeper level the Center is about dominant and subordinate roles and creating structures (processes) and language (creating new metaphors) where these roles have the space to be flexible rather than fixed and stagnant. Workers outside of the cultural power base are often highly receptive to job-related frustrations that impact the physical and emotional health and organizational productivity of everyone.

Please join us in our commitment to lead the co-creation of a workplace that works for everyone.