Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Piloting Our Way Through the Fog

In January our Center Core Team held a community meeting which included most members of our Management Team (what most organizations call a Board) and some other interested supporters. We asked them to "build" the next step for us and our work.

There was universal agreement that we need to leave the safety of conversations and white papers about our theories and try out our ideas in real time. The time for talking had come to an end.

We are now in conversation with four organizations that hold the potential of being members of our Pilot Process and evolving with them from the stage of interest to commitment feels like swimming in partially chilled jello. We are moving forward in such slow motion. I want to push and pull. I definitely do not want to wait. Maybe it is a bit like giving birth. Being childless, I have no idea, but I sense it may be a little like this. This feeling of anticipation and knowing that there is an exciting future in front of us, working together to grow and learn together, to, hand-in-hand help each other and, in the process, help everyone else.

This blog will record the unfolding of our open-hearted approach to work and the flowering of our ideas.